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China Honeymoon Tours

China offers a wide selection of honeymoon ideas with its splendid culture, lovely beaches, breathtaking river cruises, nature adventures, fabulous food and activities throughout the country.

Prepare to create everlasting memories with a China honeymoon. It is an idyllic start for a happy marriage. Cherish your experiences for a lifetime. Beloved couples will share their passion in a new intriguing land.

Yeng Travel Guide Routes provides a variety of honeymoon packages, with great flexibility to design and create honeymoon tours based on your needs. This is how fairy tales begin for couples in love.

Recommended China Honeymoon Tours 
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    With something special for the newlyweds, our Honeymoon holiday takes you from the magnificent Great Wall to the sunny beaches of Sanya. Bustling streets, fascinating countryside, world-famed sites and fun activity will provide you the most cherish memory in your life.Duration: 17 days & 16 nightsDestinations:&nb ...
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    A ready-made honeymoon package offers incredible experience for couples in love combing fun volunteer jobs in panda search center, staying overnight at the foot of magnificent wall, making dumplings in Xian and stroll in the romantic and historical important the Bund of Shanghai!Duration: 16 days & 15 nightsDesti ...
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    The most popular destinations in China (Beijing & Shanghai) offer wonderful sightseeing experience as well as romantic moments for newlyweds. After busy arrangements for the big day, a private tour featured in boutique hotels and exclusive restaurants, splendid culture is perfect escape for the couples to enjoy e ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

The happy and excited wedding have found someone to share your life with, and a memorial honeymoon trip help you relaxed and begin your married life in the most perfect way possible. Below are some basic guidelines to help you have a vacation of romance

1) Destinations and Activities Freely contact Yeng Travel Guide Routes for destination advice or tell your required activity, like SPA, cruising, hiking, camping, etc.

2) Book the Honeymoon Tours Early This is important to get all the things you want to include in your package; inform the agent this is your honey moon trip, ensure you get enough attention or some special gifts.

3) Applying for Passports and related paperwork as soon as possible.

4) Packing wisely. List items you need for the holiday and double-check before your departure; Pack the snacks, water, cameras and other essentials you will need along the way in your carry-on luggage; Keep passports, money cards, phone cards and a list of important phone numbers handy as well.

5) Attaching Tags on Luggage Label colorful tags on all of your bags on the conveyor belt, don’t forget to add your names!

6) Getting a Travel Insurance  For just pennies on the dollar, you can insure your trip, and, if the travel plans go wrong, at least you won't be mad and broke.

7) Inform your parents, relative or friends about your itinerary, make sure they know when you leave and back

8) Keep your documents Safe Bring a carry-on bag to keep you're the important documents; Scan your important paperwork and store in your mailbox or somewhere safe, including your passport, travel checks, credit card info and so on.

9) Shopping Souvenirs Buy some unique handicraft items in China and display it in your room, the proof of a great vacation; give special thank-you gift for anyone helped on your wedding day, parents, bridal party and so on.