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China Family Tours

Join a private family tour in China and see the diversity of its terrain. Marvel at stellar travel highlights and experience this culture. It is also a family fun tour, offering extraordinary moments for you and the kids.

On a family tour of China you will have a great family vacation and a wonderful way to get acquainted with its people and nature. A variety of fun activities are planned to entertain, delight and educate your kids at all ages, like Kongfu show, games in swimming pool, cycling, Chinese dumpling making lesson and other cross-cultural exchange program.

Family accommodation are in comfortable apartment hotels or hotels with adjoining rooms.

Professional and helpful local guides will share their knowledge on sites and experience of life with travelers informatively. A personal story or two may even get shared!

Family tours at Yeng Travel Guide Routes would be unforgettable for the whole family. Memories like these are what scrapbooks are made from, and future generations discuss.

Recommended China Family Tours 
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    Take the kids to China when they are out of school! This specific-designed tour is based on the interest of the families especially the children's. From the amazing Mutianyu Great Wall, the whole family will head to the biking tours on the ancient city wall, marvel at the magical terra cotta army and see the fascinat ...
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    This 13-day family friendly tour package of China is a delight experience to create real-life shared memory for the whole families, on which parents, children & grandparents can enjoy the every moment, from the comfortable hotels, enriching activities to the tasty meals, including trying to make Chinese dumplings ...
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    This 9 days family-oriented golden triangle trip takes you and your family to explore the most popular destinations in China like Beijing, Xian & Shanghai to offer a fabulous experience for the whole family, including enjoying a picnic lunch on the Great Wall, and making Chinese dumpllings or noodles. You and you ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

Traveling with children would be a great challenge as they are so curious and excited about everything in the new and strange place. Here are some useful travel tips and guide that prepare your children for a safe holiday, collected from our customers and professional travel guides.

1)On the Road with Kids

Let the kids burn off some energy before take off; just walking around the airport to show them the planes and other facilities around.

It is advisable to avoid the main rush at check in desks if you are carrying a child. In this way you will be less pkely to be jostled and so ensure your child will not sustain accidental injury. So either check in early or as late as is reasonably possible.

Always make your child sits away from an aisle to avoid being bumped by a person or a passing service cart.

Try to entertainment your children on the train, flight or bus to keep them occupied on the road. Take only a few key toys or gadgets or just play and make conversation with them

Take some snacks along the travel as they can keep a child’s mouth closed for several minuets but present it at wise times.


Keep an eye on your luggage at all times and introduce the children to airport security rules before you leave home.

Keep recent photographs of all children with you, which can speed up the search process if family members get separated. When traveling abroad, always keep a photocopy of each child's passport with you.

Find out what your health, auto and credit card policies cover and determine what additional insurance you require for the whole family.

Keep a close eye on your children at all times. Hold their hands in crowded markets, squares and streets and don’t let them wander about alone.

Look out the traffic around when taking your children through the pedestrian or cross roads.

When your child plays alone, you should make sure that play areas are age-appropriate for children.

Stay with young children closely in outdoor sightseeing or entertainments, far away from the brushwood to avoid being bitten by insects and never eat anything unknown.

3)At the Hotel

Check the room for anything dangerous, such as sharp objects on the floor or protruding pieces of metal.

Instruct children that only grown-ups should answer the door when staying at the hotel. Never open the door until identify the visitor.

Never walk barefoot on the public areas of the hotel and don’t leave your kids alone at these areas.

When playing in the swimming pool, make sure both of you wear life jacket, and parents should accompany kids in the pool all the time.

Tell your kids the name of the hotel; or just write the hotel info and your name and phone number on several pieces of paper; place each in every kid’s pocket.