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China Panda Tours
Giant Panda, the endangered chubby creatures who love eating bamboo, mainly lives in central western and southwest China. Yeng Travel Guide Routes arranges panda tours to visit the Panda Reserves and meet this species with the opportunity to interact with these unique animals.

Our panda tours provides rare opportunity for travelers to see the lovely pandas in person, hug them, feed them or even join volunteering program to take care of them.
Recommended China Panda Tours 
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    Are you a fan of “Kung Fu Panda” and keen to visit Po’s mysterious hometown? Today, we escort you to the long-famous panda village to have a close contact with the cutest creature giant panda and enjoy the awe-inspiring natural scenery on Mt. Qingcheng.
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    This 5-day Panda Volunteer Tour includes a 3-day’s experience in Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base. Wearing special working clothes, you will be a panda keeper to feed the cute pandas, clean their house, watch and learn some interesting facts about them…Duration: 5 days & 4 nightsDestinations: Chengdu - Ya'anSta ...
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    In 10 days, you will experience the most highlights on Chengdu, admire the gorgeous Jiuzhaigou Valley & spectacular Leshan Giant Buddha, feel the leisure pace of local Chengdu people then taste the spicy Chuan food…Not enough? Put on the working uniform and join 2-day Panda Volunteer Program!Duration: 10 days &a ...
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    This 10-day panda tour features interesting and enjoyable panda experience in Chengdu but also includes the famous sites in Beijing & Shanghai. The Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City and thriving the Bund & Nanjing Road also worth a visit.Duration: 10 days & 9 nightsDestinations: Beijing - Chengdu - ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

1.    Follow the guide when visiting the panda base;

2.    Never throw things to animals or try to feed them without keepers at side;

3.    You can ask to hold the panda and taking pictures by paying some fees; and local guide will arrange an exposure suit outside to keep you safe and clean;

4.    If you attend volunteering job, the professionals will tell and show you how to clean, feed the panda; don’t do the other things that they never tell.