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China Great Wall Tours
A visit to the famed Great Wall is an essential part for your tour in China. Yeng Travel Guide Routes has focused considerable attention to various Great Wall tours from popular sections around Beijing to the other China great walls;

Below is the list of China Great Wall tour packages, including Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai and other major sections. From half day great wall trip to multi days great wall hiking and camping tours, which suites the needs of a family with children, but also for travelers who look for adventures.
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    Take a non-stop trek along the Great Wall of China from Beijing and view different parts of the grand wall. This hiking tour is carefully designed for enthusiast who would like to join a physically challenged tour and get deeper understanding of the wall compared to that short visit. Great photos available and experi ...
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    Beijing is not the only place to see the snaking Great wall; on this tour, you will have opportunity to see other wild Great wall sections in Beijing, Jiayuguan & Yinchuan of Gansu province, Zhongwei of Ningxia region, Datong Shanxi province as well as other historical relics along the way. Duration: 16 days & ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

1.    Simatai Great Wall near Beijing has been closed since June 17th 2010 and the reopen time is unknown; please choose other sections which also offers great hiking experience.

2.    Wear comfortable shoes even if there’s only half-day great wall trip;

3.    Hat, sun block and glass are needed for climbing tours in sunny days;

4.    For a professional hiking trip in Great wall, adequate outdoor equipments are neccesary, especially go to the wild section of the Great Wall;

5.    Don’t climb the wall during rainy days, especially when there are lightning and thunders. 

6.    Many parts of the wall are broken and loose, so watch out and don’t run and walk fast on some wild wall sections;

7.    Stay “No” firmly to the local vendors if you don’t want to be followed by them.