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China Vegetarian Tours
Yeng Travel Guide Routes has carefully arranged China trips for vegetarians and vegans with acceptable cuisine.

Most Chinese vegetarians are Buddhists & Taoist; and now more and more Chinese people want to keep healthy and fit, which makes the vegetarian food popular in the country. And the vast land offers many fresh vegetables, noodles, rice, tofu and varied fruits that are all fine for vegetarians.

On the guided vegetarian tours in China, you don't need to worry about anything which includes eating. We select clean and highly rated vegetarian restaurants at every destination.

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    This 7 days Chinese essence trip offers the best sites in Beijing and Shanghai, leading you into the majestic imperial ancient buildings then the thriving metropolitan city… See the old and new of China by visiting these two typical cities, with local vegetarian restaurants are delicately selected. Duration: 7 days ...
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    The 13-day discovery trip are the right china tours for vegetarians and vegans! Enjoy the splendid culture, amazing historical sites as well as the tasty Chinese vegetarian food at each destination!Duration: 13 days & 12 nightsDestinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hangzhou - Suzhou - ShanghaiSt ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

There’s a dinning cart on Chinese train, sometimes there would be something suitable to eat, but most of time not available.

Bring your own fruit, vegetarian food if you travel by train;

Some packaged toufu, biscuits for sale are also contain meat flavouring, be careful before buying;

Reserve vegetarian meals on flight if you book tickets in advance.

Chinese vegetarian food has good taste, while some dishe will resemble a type of meat or seafood. Just feel free to try.

Consider bringing a small jar of peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, and snack mix to help tide you over until you can find some food after you land.

How to say “I don’t eat meat/I am a vegetarian/I eat vegetarian food” in Chinese: wo bu chi…(I don’t eat) or just say wo chi su (literally "I eat vegetables")