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Payment Guide   

Well, ready to pay for the tour fare? yengtravelguideroutes.com offers the most popular and safest methods of payment for our clients. There are wire transfer (Bank of China), credit card, and Paypal. You can choose one for your preference.

Important Note
The quote of exchange rate between the RMB/CNY and the USD, or between the RMB/CNY and other currencies is subject to slight change due to the timely fluctuation of international exchange rate market. You are aware of that each payment requires differently due days prior to the arrival date of your China tour. Before payment, please click to see current exchange rate for reference at BOC or at other website.

  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal

 Wire Transfer

Please follow the steps below to make payment through wire transfer
1. Print out confirmation E-mail and find out how much you need to wire to us for the tour.
2. Find our Bank information either from the same E-mail that your print out just now or below on this page!
3. Please inform us by either E-mail that you have sent the money to our account.

1. If you choose to make the payment through wire transfer, please be aware that it may take 2 weeks for the money to reach our account.
2. While making wire transfer
3. Please inform us either by E-mail after you have wired us the money.
4. Our Bank Information for wire transfer:

Credit Card

Payment coming up shortly


Payment by credit cards

We Guarantee Your Credit Card Security !


Yeng Travel Guide Routes accepts the payment via Paypal, which is a safer, easier way to make an online payment.

If you own a Paypal account, please login to the account, and complete your transaction after confirming the cost you are supposed to pay with your travel consultant. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still pay us at Paypal's website by providing your credit card information.


Click to enter Paypal Official site.

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  • Asked by evelyn
    2014-04-13 06:58
    Hello Sarina. How I wish October was here. in case I cannot wait I will write to change my date. However as I requested in my email kindly get me my total bill, now I know the account details. All I need is my total bill. I keep asking because I know I have made an important request to travel to Shenyang and that comes first. I like to meet business minded people who intend to do business in Ghana it could lead to a mutual benefit. remember also the invitation letter after the booking. I hope this gets to you.
    Answered by Rickey
    2014-04-13 09:56
    Hi, Evelyn,

    Thanks for your message.

    My colleague Sarina will be in touch with you soon via email.

    All the best.

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