• Dine in China

    Have you eaten yet? Don't be baffled by this question when a native Chinese says this to you or others at the first sight. It is just like the phrases: "how are you?" or "good day" as a very common greeting in north China.

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  • Transportation

    Transportation is an important part of traveling in China. Here you will find some useful information of air and ground transport info.China Aviation system is quite centralized, in spite of the efforts to open domestic market to foreign airlines.

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  • What to See in China

    Strategically located in Eastern Asia, China has the oldest surviving civilizations in the world with full of mysteries. It spans thousands of miles from the deserts in the west to the ocean on the east.

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  • Shopping in China

    When in China, most travelers want to bring back some wonderful mementos for themselves, or friends. As a fantastic shopping paradise, China would never let you down; there is no need to worry about what to buy.

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  • Nightlife in China

    Since China's "reform and opening-up policy" in 1979, the nightlife in this country has become varied and more colorful. Nowadays, for international travelers it's as easy to fill your nights during your stay in China.

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A virtual tour to the major destinations of China and have more vivid impressions of what China is like and the way of Chinese life.

All About China

Interesting topics about China from A to Z. Very good resource to know more about the country. For example: National anthem, Flag, Emblem, Cuisine, Calligraphy, Education System, Traditional medicine, Zodiac

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It is easy to see why Wulingyuan is proclaimed to be the setting for the movie Avatar. The spectacular sandstone peaks and the lush vegetation make it seem like a paradise on earth.


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