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China Tours

Yeng Travel Guide Routes assists world travelers to plan on custom-designed China vacation that ensures joy, authenticity and memorable experience of a lifetime. Our exclusive China tours offer complete flexibility and uniqueness. All the itineraries shown on our website are worked out to give you an idea of the sample programs, which can be tailored to suit your needs. Travel with us to explore China in your preferred way and discover more of what really interests you.

Best-selling China Tours & Deals

Not sure which tour is best for you? Here we have filtered through dozens of our popular China tours and recommend you these four top-selling.

Insider's Picks for Tours in China

Travel in China like an insider with experts’ picks and recommendations. Our travel experts have checked in and checked out numerous of China’s villages, attractions, hidden trails and secret destinations, and would like to bring you the China not everyone could see.

    • China Tours from Beijing

      The last royal capital of ancient China, Beijing is an inspiring destination with a wealth of historical wonders and cultural sites, including the Great Wall, Palace Museum, Summer Palace, etc. Beijing is a good start of your China holidays, from here, you can take the domestic flights, trains and buses to other China destinations like Xi’an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guilin, Lhasa etc.

      9-day China Golden Traingle Tour for Families
      17-day China Honeymoon Vacation
    • China Tours from Shanghai

      Shanghai is the first city in China that “the West meets East”. Never miss its stunning modern landmarks and old quaint corners. Connected with the world by many international flights, Shanghai is a perfect destination to start your China trips, and with easy access to nearby Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yellow Mountain, or further to Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong, etc.

      16-day China Discovery Tour
      20-day Yangtze Cruise+Eco-ethnic Adventure
    • China Tours from Hong Kong

      Hong Kong is one of the world’s most dynamic cities with amazing mixed cultures, and a premier shopping destination. It is an important hub in East Asia with direct international flights from and to major cities in every continent. Start your China tour from Hong Kong, you can transfer to Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing easily.

      6-day Hong Kong Beijing Tour
      13-day Eastern China Perspective
    • China Tours from Chengdu

      Chengdu, the hometown of cuddlesome giant pandas, is a major transportation hub in Southwest China, and also the main gateway to Tibet. Travelers can fly to Chengdu directly from other countries of Asia, Australia, UK, USA and so on. Its convenient 72-hour visa-free transit policy also benefits citizens from over 40 countries globally.

      15-day Sichuan+Yangtze Combo
      13-day South China Train Tour
    • China Tours from Australia

      Australian tourists find China an amazing travel destination, and are fascinated with its beautiful natural scenery, delicious cuisines, fascinating history & culture and valuable antiquities. Yeng Travel Guide Routes offers fully inclusive travel packages from Australia to China.

    • China Tours from Canada

      China has been a popular destination for Canadian travelers, mainly because of its awesome beautiful landscape and the splendid civilization dating back over 5,000 years. Travel with us to explore the best of China.

    • China Tours from USA

      China impresses American travelers with the brilliant cultures and stunning nature. Yeng Travel Guide Routes takes you to visit the most popular China destinations, see the Great Wall, terracotta army, Jiuzhaigou Valley, and to cruise Yangtze, Li River…

    • China Tours from New Zealand

      There are direct flights from Auckland and Wellington to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, making New Zealanders’ trip to China easy and smooth. Here are the samples for your tours in China that can be customized to meet your personal needs.

    • China Tours from UK

      British travelers travel to China for great ancient, time-honored culture and amazing modern landmarks… Yeng Travel Guide Routes makes full use of local tourism resources in each destination and crafts itineraries incorporated many top interesting attractions.

    • China Tours from Brazil

      ¡Hola! Un viaje a China puede ser la experiencia más memorable de toda su vida. Podrá disfrutar de todo, incluyendo el magnífico bloque imperial en Beijing y los lugares espectaculares como los Guerreros de terracota, las Tres Garganta...

FAQs on China Tours

I’m a first-timer to China

  • QHow to Plan a China Tour?

    APlan your first trip to China can be confusing and daunting. Fortunately, our China guide collects much information and advice on travelling in China, and offers a general impression on China’s history, hotels, foods, climate and so forth. Also see "Travel Tips for First-time Visitors to China" for more useful tips.
    Furthermore, your travel consultant from Yeng Travel Guide Routes will work closely with you, craft and update the itinerary of your China trip, until it is perfect for you.

  • QGateway city: Where should I start if I want to travel in China?

    AMost of the international travelers to China choose to enter mainland China from Hong Kong or start the tour in Beijing or Shanghai. With the number of international flights to different China cities increasing each year, now you don’t have to be restricted to those main hubs. Instead your China holiday with us can start from any city. You may fly directly to Chengdu for a panda tour, or Kunming for a Yunnan discovery tour.

  • QHow to Plan a China Tour?

    AFor those taking the first China holiday, we recommend you 8 – 11 days to see the classical wonders of China. The tour should at least include Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, with the must-see sights such as the Great Wall, Terra-cotta Amy Museum. Our Golden Triangle Tour is an awesome choice for first-timers to China. If you have more days, allow yourself a trip to Guilin and Yangshuo for the breathtaking landscape or a Yangtze River cruise trip.

  • QWhen to travel?

    AGenerally speaking, late April till early June and September till early November with pleasant weather are considered the best times for you to travel in China. For each specific destination, the “best time” may be different. We’ll recommend you the best places for your month of visit. However, during the off-peak season, the hotel rates and travel cost are lower during the period.

  • QShould I take a private tour or join the group tour?

    AFor some popular destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guilin, we offer city day tour for you to explore the major sights of China. This is a cheap way to visit China, but the group tours lack flexibility, privacy and are relatively low-value. We advise you to take a customized China tour for a unique, authentic travel experience in China.

  • QI will travel alone to China, are there any tours suitable for me?

    AEven for experienced travelers, it may take a lot of time, energy and some ricks to arrange China trip on their own. For solo travelers in China with a limited budget, we recommend you our China Golden Triangle Tour, which is made up of join-in bus tours in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. It is the cheapest and easiest way for your first trip to China. Besides you’ll have much fun by exploring China with like-minded people.

I’m on my second (or third) trip to China

  • QBest places for a second or third China tour

    AYou must be in search of something new and looking for an in-depth China tour. Then we suggest you focus on one or two provinces to explore the regional culture and landscape. Or Focus on something that interests you – plan on a themed tour. For example a music tour to discover and experience the local traditional musical form in each area of China. Travel experts of Yeng Travel Guide Routes always desire to show you the different sides of China, its modernity and classics, wild outdoor and secret villages, the authentic local life style… Therefore you can discover the real China.

  • QCan I add another Asia destination to your China trips, whether your company can arrange this transnational extension tour?

    A Sure. Our Multi-country Asia Tours connect China with other popular Asia destinations, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, etc. All of the tours can be customized, thus please feel free to give your ideas and suggestions to your travel consultant.

Yeng Travel Guide Routes’s recommendations for your return visit to China - Destinations with themed programs
The following is a set of sample ideas, but you are not restricted to them.

Sichuan: The Panda Research Center with panda volunteer program, hidden villages and breathtaking landscape.
Yangtze River cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai for the ancient wonders and modern changes of China.
Tibet: mystery & pure land on earth. Chengdu is a popular and convenient gateway to the Tibetan plateau.
Southwest China including Guilin, Yunnan & Guizhou: picturesque rivers, terraced fields, Karst mountains, snow mountains, and diverse minority cultures .
Zhangjiajie: UNESCO named Zhangjiajie a World Heritage Site in 1992. Its stunning landscape of quartz and sandstone geomorphologic structure is rare on the planet.

See China tours by theme for more inspiration >>