China Cycling Tours

Besides history and culture, China has so much to offer. ETC’s cycling tours will take you off the beaten tourist path to the rurality of Guilin and other neighboring areas, where life is unhurried and real beauty is hidden in this country. You won’t quickly look at things from a bus window, but get out to meet people at home, school, work, and play. While with us, you will enjoy different kinds of activities like hiking, cycling, bamboo rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, mud-bathing, etc. What is more, you will also have a chance to visit local people’s home, pick tea leaves, strawberry or grapes in the farm, harvest the crops in the fields with local farmers, and have a cooking or Taiji course. At ETC, you are not just a traveler, but will get more involved and immersed in the culture and lifestyle of Chinese people.

Yeng Travel Guide Routes is a cycling trip planner based in Guilin with a highly motivated team. Please feel free to let us know your travel plan, we will do everything to work out a fantastic trip with unique travel experiences for you.

Multiday Guided Cycling Adventures around China

An old saying tells: East or west, the landscape in Guiln is the best. While in Guilin, you will have loads of opportunities for travel adventures. If you want to avoid busy traffic at city downtown, free their soul in the rurality, laugh and sweat in nature, chat with locals, try the fresh specialties, etc., please let us assist you, we will do everything to make you a dream trip with unique experiences.

One Day Cycling Tours around Guilin and Yangshuo

A day trip by bike to the hidden gems of Guilin and Yangshuo is a great pastime if you have limited time during your stay here. It is also suitable for a corporate bike riding event at weekend. You don’t have to be an avid cyclist, our experienced tour leader will discuss with you and map out a route that meet you needs based on your physical fitness. Everything will be done to make sure your trip will be an enjoyable one at our hands.

Supports and Bicycles

A professional course charting to the next destination and a strong support makes your China cycling plan easier and secured.

Our Team

  • Robert Liu
    Experienced bicycle enthusiasts, Robert has travelled to a lot of places in China by humble folding bike, including Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Hainan, etc. With a travel consultant background for many years, multilingual in Chinese, English and Spanish, he is committed to offering clients unique China cycling guide and tips, and making diverse itineraries of long-distance cycling. Robert treats bicycles as friends rather than transportation media.
  • Mark Tang
    A Guilin countryside native, Mark achieved his personal feat of traveling more than 20,000 km (12,427 miles), crossing half of China by mountain bike in 2014. With the special experience of hiking alone around Annapurma in Nepal and many parts of China, he is also good at operating hiking & trekking tours. For Mark, bicycle is a magic companion, since it has brought him a new life and a wonderfully perfect way to explore the world.
  • Forrest Wu
    A strong-willed man with curiosity to learn things, Forrest knows more off the beaten tracks and paths than most local people in Guilin. With the living experiences in Ghana, he will bring you more than normal bike tour. He loves exploring less-commercialized tracks on bike and has become a funny and friendly tour leader full of stories and Chinese cultural lessons.